Solution 32 has extensive experience in medical office technology application and computer networking plus many satisfied medical office clients throughout New Jersey.

Solution 32 offers you innovative solutions for your specialty computer and networking needs plus an unparalleled degree of customer service, expertise and professionalism, giving each client customized personalized service and support. Our corporate headquarters are located in Jersey City, New Jersey and we have been in business since 2004.

Solution 32 seamlessly and transparently integrates your medical technology system throughout the front end in the office straight through to the clinical areas of  your medical practice.

For the majority of healthcare providers a crucial element  to growing their practice is having reliable, integrated office technology that is the heart of their business. Having the right technology on your side in your medical practice vastly improves patient care, simplifies your medical practice management, plays an important role in attracting and retaining quality team members and lends credibility to your professional image.

There is so much advanced technology available to you and your medical practice, including high speed computers, routers and networks, state of the art video and audio devices not to mention digital phone systems, plus advanced safety nets for your data such as  on site and off site remote data backup and archival technology.

It’s important to have trusted professionals who provide you with:

Excellent customer service combined with “there for you all the time” support, never leaving you, your IT team and your company to fend for yourselves –

  • 24/7/365 Coverage and Support
  • 4 Hour Response Time
  • We build relationships with your Practice IT Manager, and other key involved personnel such as your practice software trainers to provide you with seamless transparent support and timely professional system troubleshooting with minimal down time
  • Specializing in upgrades of software, hardware and the corresponding network upgrades for seamless integration throughout your corporate environment
  • Take the time to understand the needs of your particular medical practice and who recommend the best technology solution for your business and your budget
  • Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to create a complete transparent system integration between custom software applications, computer hardware and system network hardware for both your front office and the clinical areas of your medical, veterinary or digital radiography practice

Solution 32 professionally and completely coordinates and manages your medical, veterinary, digital radiography office expansion projects, troubleshoots day-to-day computer issues, provides expert consulting and resolutions, supervises and integrates software upgrades.

From throughout the premises custom wiring to network management to supporting your digital medical equipment, we can give your medical, veterinary, digital radiography practice the support it needs to succeed and grow – 24/7/365.

Contact us today to learn more about integrating technology in your medical practice. Call 732-429-0558.