Securing Data is Not Just About Safeguarding Your Business Anymore

It’s about protecting your lifestyle.

Our aim is to fully understand the pulse of your business so that we can protect it in the best way possible. And as your company moves forward, we make sure those security and infrastructure solutions move forward with you. That’s it.


Four Pillars of Security



Perimeter Protection

Backup & Business Continuity

Email Encryption & Anti-Phishing

Security Awareness Training


Solution 32 Also Offers The Following Business Technology Services For Our Customers:

√ Software and Hardware Integration
√ IT Technology Managed Services
√ Computer and Network Disaster Recovery Services
√ VoIP

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Security is no longer an option Security Awareness Training

Cybercriminals target end users. Ongoing cybersecurity education and training for end users is a must for businesses to stay secure. Security awareness training is an education process that teaches employees about cybersecurity.



Security is No Longer an Option

Don’t wait for something bad to happen. Proactive and preventive measures are the best way to deter security threats.

Perimeter Protection

A stateful packet firewall, while essential, simply isn’t enough anymore. The reality is that every network needs a full arsenal of scanning engines to protect against spyware and viruses, malicious apps and data leakage – all the way through ransomware, botnets, advanced persistent threats, and zero day malware.

Email Encryption & Anti-Phishing

Email is a primary way hackers can gain access to sensitive company data and information. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable. Business class email is a key feature in planning a secure future for your company. It has to allow for full customization of the company’s encryption and anti-phishing policies.


Security is no longer an option

Backup And Business Continuity

A good solution should be able to easily and effectively restore a lost file or the entire business infrastructure in minutes. It should proactively protect data from any hardware, or software failure, natural disaster, and unintentional human or malicious error. Built-in Ransomware protection and specific industry compliance is a must.